Who will be a guest in ur tent?
Certainly not the ones who don’t wanna repent
And keep giving guns to the poorest of our nation sons
Who is gonna call u by name
With no confusion, trinity or preacher`s vain
Who says that everytime
And opens up the eyes of the blind
Who will be the one in his bed?
Certainly not the who put thorns on his head
And wish him dead while they took his daily bread
Which one is of value 2 U
The one depleting the oil supply
Or the One that renews it
And keeps the peace
Like the groove on Sade’s Sweetest Taboo

Who will be a guest in ur tent?
R u gonna b happy with how your  life has been spent
Did you have open arms for each and everybody U met
Or did U let them die in the rain
Endless war, poverty or hurricane….
Then it’s time for another groove
Like Sade’s Sweetest Taboo